How to Stimulate Growth and Get Thicker Eyebrows

How to Stimulate Growth and Get Thicker Eyebrows

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Are you on a quest for thicker eyebrows? Many are on the same road as you as the right fullness can properly frames the eyes, balance out other facial features while providing a youthful appearance.

We tell you how to get them instantly but natural looking, including how to stimulate growth so you can have natural fuller looking brows. Tips for why you might be having sparse areas or hair loss issues and what you can do about it.

Fake It

By filling them in you'll get fuller brows in a matter of minutes. The trick here is to use the right color, product and techniques so that it looks as if you really didn't apply anything. We don't want them to look painted on.

  • Powder: They come in the most tones to flow with your hair and skin tone and are easy to work with.
  • Pencil: These work well with some practice. Some love the precise application and that the sharp tip can create lines that look like real hair, but they aren't as fool-proof as powder. It's one of the reasons why some women using pencil look like they painted their brows on.
  • Mousse: These work like mascara, making the hair thicker and darker while holding them in place.

Get the step by step: How to Fill Eyebrows

For products from the basic colors to complete accessories with stencils and tweezers: Eyebrow Shaping Kits

Grow them Out

Professionals have different views on what to do when growing out brows to a fuller look. Some will say not to touch them for well over a month and others suggest cleaning them up every couple weeks.

I think it varies depending on the person. If you're young, have dark hair and it grows fast, I'd suggest touching them up every two weeks to keep them looking groomed while in that in-between stage. First fill in the shape you want and then tweeze any hair outside it.

If you have a problem and tend to go tweezer-happy, then it's best to leave them alone until they've grown in. If you can't take any excess hair then schedule an appointment with a professional clearly communicating that you're growing them to a fuller shape.

Whatever you choose to do, using some color can make a world of difference. Powder, pencil or mousse when used correctly can help camouflage the line of stubbly hair that's growing out.

Reasons for Less than Bountiful Brows

Stress. Not coping properly with stress can do all sorts of things to the body. Just like there can be hair loss on the head, it can happen to the brows. Often the hair will grow back when the stress subsides.

Thyroid issues. Unusual hair thinning, especially on the outer part of the brows could be due to a thyroid condition. (See: Top Ten Signs You May Have a Thyroid Problem). Many times the brows fill back in after the thyroid has been regulated.

Over-tweezing. When the hair is repeatedly removed from the follicle, it can become damaged and stop growing or come back thinner or finer. This can happen with tweezing, sugaring, waxing and threading.

Aging. Men get a receding hairline and start sprouting hair on their ears as the years pile on. Our hormone shift brings us other delights. Chin hair often becomes thicker and darker and some women's brows may also get long and wiry like men, but they also get sparser.

Give Them a Push

While pencils and powders are great, it's also wonderful not to have to rely on them so much and have your own hair. It does take time for the hair to grow, but if they aren't coming in at all or are really patchy, you could enlist some help. Eyebrow stimulators like Talika Lipocils (read review) or Brow Relonge (compare prices) may bring results in about four to six weeks.


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