MAC Is Literally Giving Away Free Lipstick Right Now

MAC Is Literally Giving Away Free Lipstick Right Now

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Two things we love in life: lipstick and a good steal. And leave it to MAC to deliver both at once. Starting today, you can get a free tube of lipstick after purchasing any two lip products. That means you can, for example, purchase Kylie Jenner's favorite non-Kylie Cosmetics lipstick color, Whirl; grab a matching lipliner; and still swipe up the highly coveted lip shade at no extra cost (there are six free ones to choose from). Nothing like a bold lip to set the scene for the rest of your outfit.

But that's just one suggestion in a very choose-your-own-adventure scenario. If you're not so into a bold lip, then you might consider this winning limited-edition collab: Steve J & Yoni P, high-fashion Korean design duo, have teamed up with MAC to create the perfect peachy nude, which you can pair with a matching lip liner or gloss-and that's all before picking out your freebie.

The promotion is on until June 25, so consider it your excuse for a guilt-free spree. We can all get behind a good promotion, especially where free makeup is involved. Read more about the promotion here.

Need more inspiration? Shop some of our favorite lip colors below.

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