The Eye Trend Everyone Was Wearing on the Grammys Red Carpet

The Eye Trend Everyone Was Wearing on the Grammys Red Carpet

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A default beauty look for a night out is a smoky eye, but it can get a little stale if you're used to seeing the same color palette over and over again. Luckily for us, the Grammys proved to be anything but boring, and many stars packed on the sultry eye look with highly pigmented shadows that popped on the red carpet. Click through to see our favorite colorful smoky eye looks.

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Hailee Steinfeld's bright teal smoky eye stood out against her white dress.В

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Katie Holmes wore a metallic mauve smoky eye with pink lipstick.В

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Kimberly Schlapman of Big Little Town wore a lilac-based smoky eye with long lashes and a pink glossy lip.В

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Julia Michaels went all purple for the Grammys, choosing a bright matte for her smoky eye look.

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Kristin Cavallari stuck to a more neutral color palette and chose a nude metallic smoky eye.В

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Cyndi Lauper was a pastel dream from her hair to her purple smoky eye.В


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