I Started Using This Cult U.S. Skincare Brand-and I Have to Tell You About It

I Started Using This Cult U.S. Skincare Brand-and I Have to Tell You About It

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Gone are the days of the simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Now your bathroom can look more like dermatologist's office than ever before, and as a skincare enthusiast, I'm all for it. Of course, there are some things that are best left to the professionals, but if you want to start derma-rolling or dermaplaning, then StackedSkincare is for you.

I've long been obsessed with this Cali-born skincare brand ever since the U.S. Byrdie team sent me the face peel to try-long before it was available here. The brand is the brainchild of skincare expert Kerry Benjamin, who recently walked me through all the products on a Skype call. Essentially, the regimen is all about exfoliation, hydration and boosting collagen.

Benjamin's skin sans makeup is flawless and convinced me that I need to do what she's doing. Lucky then that five of StackedSkincare's most popular products are available on Amazon UK right now, with more planned to hit the site soon. I've been using the below for about a week, and I can already see an improvement in the tone, texture and general luminosity of my complexion. Keep reading for my six-week review.

The Six-Week Trial

I have been using the whole StackedSkincare routine for six weeks now. To be totally honest, I am still using my regular cleansers (I switch between the Elemis Superfood Facial Wash (ВЈ25); Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Brightening and Exfoliating Daily Cleanser (ВЈ27); and Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser (ВЈ11) and I am layering Augustinus Bader The Cream (ВЈ205) over the serum if my skin feels like it needs a little extra nourishment. Besides those products, my routine has been purely StackedSkincare for the whole 43 days.

What I have noticed in that time is that my skin tone has become more even and the texture is much smoother. I am hooked on the Dermaplaning Tool (ВЈ70), which removes pore-blocking dead skin and peach fuzz. I'm 33 years old, and what most people neglect to tell you is that when you hit 30 (like Cinderella at midnight), you start getting more hair on your face. Sad, but for most, true. This handy blade makes light work of thick straggly hairs. The Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller (ВЈ27) is pain-free but creates tiny holes in the skin, so the serums you apply slip through with ease. It also boosts complexion-plumping collagen production, too. That's the thing-my complexion just looks more pillowy soft and glowy. These tools-in my mind-are non-negotiables and are firmly ensconced into my skincare routine.

As for the serums, I think they are great. I use them day and night-and despite being six weeks in, I'm only a third of the way through each bottle. By my calculations, that means they will last me roughly 18 weeks (around four and a half months for anyone who hasn't had a baby and calculates time by months, not weeks). Which makes the combined ВЈ369 price tag for the serums a little more bearable. It works out at around ВЈ82 per month. Don't want to buy all three? I would definitely recommend the HA Hydrating Serum (ВЈ113), which is packed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin; dehydration factors highly in fine line and spot production. It depends on your skin type and concerns, but I would also recommend the EGF Activating Serum (ВЈ116), as this stimulates collagen production, heals acne, lessens hyperpigmentation and is a solid all-rounder. Those two would work out at around ВЈ50 per month.

The Multi-Acid Peel (ВЈ130) is the kind of skin-tingling exfoliation I like. It feels reassuringly stingy, but not painful. I also like that you simply brush it on, leave it for a few minutes and then commence with your serums. No need to rinse it off. It's easy and might effective.

Check out all the StackedSkincare products below. Want to try the Micro-Roller, plus some other products team Byrdie loves? Then check out our Byrdie Beauty Box: The #Nightlies Edit (ВЈ50, but containing products worth ВЈ213).

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool $70Shop

I've been dermaplaning for a while now, but I had been using those little eyebrow trimmers you get on Amazon. This is in a different league. It makes light work of peach fuzz; you can see the dead skin cells just gliding right off.

StackedSkincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller $27Shop

We're big fans of derma-rolling here at Byrdie HQ, and this is among the more comfortable that I have tried. TheВ stainless steel needles on the roller aren't too long, just 0.2 millimetres, so they'll create micro-channels for serums to penetrate and will help boost collagen production without any pain. The price tag is great, too.

StackedSkincare TCA Multi-Acid Face Peel $130Shop

This liquid peel contains a blend of five acids, along with skin brightening vitamin C and anti-ageing retinol. Expect fine lines to be softened, skin tone and texture to improve and your complexion to look generally much brighter.

StackedSkincare PSC Peptide Serum $140Shop

This super-lightweight serum has an almost sweet scent, thanks to the blackberry, gooseberry and honeysuckle fruits that combine to tackle free-radical damage and inflammation. Hydrolyzed rice protein boosts collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time, while hyaluronic acid offers an instant hit of moisture.

StackedSkincare HA Hydrating Serum $113Shop

If you're prone to dehydration that manifests itself either via fine lines or blemishes, then this serum packed with hyaluronic acid will help to make a serious difference.

StackedSkincare EGF Activating Serum $116Shop

This serum, containing epidermal growth factors stimulates collagen production for plumper, firmer skin.В It also tackles blemishes and pigmentation.

StackedSkincare Hydrating Lip Peel $24Shop

I know-a lip peel might sound a little extra. That was actually my first thought upon eyeing up this small rollerball. It's actually genius for anyone who suffers from dry lips, as this dissolves dead skin and doubles up as a lip primer.

There you go-now you can go and try for yourself. You won't regret it.

Opening Image: Amy Lawrenson


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