This Is Lea Michele's Exact Pre-Wedding Wellness Routine

This Is Lea Michele's Exact Pre-Wedding Wellness Routine

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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and that's understandable for a few reasons. The first is that it's one of the most memorable days of yourВ life. The second is that, depending on how large the wedding is, almost everyone you know is in attendance. The third is that it's probably the single most photographed day of your entire existence. We get it; it's easy to feel pressure. That's part of the reason it's so common to hear about peopleВ going too far with insaneВ workout regimens or turning to crash diets before their big day.

This temporary lifestyle change is a worn-out narrative. Whether we've heard it through personal accounts, magazines, or gossip sites, we know it doesn't contribute to a healthy body or mind. Plus, to us, the perfect wedding day is one where we feel our best, not look our best, whatever that might mean. That's why we find Lea Michele's pre-wedding wellness routine so refreshing. She recently opened upВ to Us WeeklyВ about her love of yoga, healthy food, and more. Keep scrolling to read Lea Michele's exact pre-wedding wellness routine.В

According to the publication, the former Glee actress is less than three months away from marrying her fiancГ©, Zandy Reich. In preparation, she starts off every single day in the same way. "It's not rocket science, it's the basics,"В she says. "The first thing I do when I wake up is I pour a big glass of lemon waterВ to just really flush my system and start the day right."В

Lemon water is a type of detox water, which in and of itself is quite controversial since some experts say they don't necessarily do what people claim. Expert nutritionistВ Meryl Pritchard of Kore Kitchen, however, says that lemon water is the real deal since it can help to kick-start digestion while flushing out toxins. The vitamin C can also help brighten up your skin. Plus, drinking lemon water right after you wake up is much more hydrating than the caffeine-filled alternative that is traditional coffee drinks.В


Her other beverage of choice is celery juice. "Celery juiceВ is so incredibly good for your body but it's actually for your liver and it's a great cleanse first thing in the morning," Michele explained. "I've seen it improve my digestion so much, so that's another little trick that I've been doing in the morning as well."В

This is another wellness trend that's actually worth the hype. "It has the power toВ starve viruses, mold, yeast, and unproductive bacteria that are present in the body and then flush their toxic debris from the gut," sharesВ Christine Bullock, a fitness and lifestyle expert, the co-creator of Kayo Body, and the creator of Evolution 20 Super Shred. "These toxins are the root cause of inflammation, so ridding the body of these has the power to improve the elasticity of your skin, your digestion, mental acuity, immune system, and physical energy."

Other than that, Michele isn't into fad diets or extreme restriction. "Every single thing that I put into my body is to nourish and fuel my body," she says. "I've always felt that food is fuel so what you're eating is going to help your body. So I don't eat junk food, I don't eat processed food. I keep only fresh and healthy ingredients in my home so I can feel my absolute best."

As for fitness, Michele turns to SoulCycle and hot yoga. More specifically, she takes two SoulCycle classes per week along with one or two hot yoga classes at L.A. hot spot CorePower Yoga. In between these studio workouts, she goes hiking. "I hike all the time," she says. "We have so many great trails here on the West Coast so I love being outdoors and I love getting a workout outside." If you're on the East Coast and outside workouts are getting fewer andВ farther between thanks to dropping temperatures, you can still stay active by taking frequent walks that boost your mood.

Michele's pre-wedding wellness plan is refreshing in that it's about maintaining a long-term healthy lifestyle. There aren't any unachievable short-term goals, crash diets, or insane workouts. It's all about making healthy choices as often as possible. "If you're always taking good care of yourself, and if you're always eating right… then no matter what comes up, you don't feel like you need to adjust or increase or anything," she says. "My goal is to keep on this great track that I feel like I'm already on, and then I know I'll feel great on my wedding day." We'll cheers to that.В

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