This Empowering New Ad Is the Ultimate Celebration of African American Hair

This Empowering New Ad Is the Ultimate Celebration of African American Hair

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Though our beauty standards have undoubtedly been undergoing a welcome (albeit slow) shift toward inclusivity in recent years, Pantene has been hard at work behind the scenes to bring more diversity to the drugstore beauty aisle for more than a decade. The brand's new Gold Series was formulated specifically for (and by) black women and has been in development for 10 years. The accompanying advertising campaign features women of all ages and hairstyles, in effect illustrating the lack of representation of black hair in the advertising arena-not to mention the beauty industry at large. Created in line with the belief that "strong hair is beautiful," the Gold Series seeks to set a new standard.

"While diversity and inclusion continue to improve in society, there's still a level of inequality in how African-American hair is represented in pop culture and in advertising, specifically in the haircare space," says a rep for the brand. "In response, Pantene has committed to changing beauty standards and the world's definition of beautiful hair through positive visual representations of all hair types and styles, the innovation of hair products, and campaigns that better serve African-American women."

One of the stars of the Gold Series campaign is singer and Pantene ambassador Jillian Hervey, whose iconic hair is central to her stage persona, Lion Babe. Catch her and other models of all ages and hairstyles in the collection's inspiring video ad below.

Shop the brand's new Gold Series here, and next, check out five bun styles that are perfect for natural hair-especially with rising temps on the way.


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