Revealed: These Are the Beauty Products Tash and Elle Keep in Their Beauty Bag

Revealed: These Are the Beauty Products Tash and Elle Keep in Their Beauty Bag

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We already know and love sartorially-gifted palsВ Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson for their effortless but expertly-curated wardrobes, and perennially cool blog, They All Hate Us. And while the pair frequently update their site with hand-picked fashion piecesВ for sale, today the duo are branching out and launching aВ shop section for beauty.В The selectionВ will feature a curation of their personal favourite beauty items that you can buy directly from the site. Since both women are known for their pared-back makeup, sun-kissed skin, and thick, textured hair, it's no surprise the first product round-up includes a bunch of beauty gems we're already in love with.В

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Shop Elle's Edit

K.N.C Beauty Collagen Infused Lip Mask $34Shop

"We all secretly want lips likeВ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and I've found the answer. These masks are the best. Leave them on for five minutes and you willВ instantlyВ have fuller lips."


Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil $50Shop

"This smells too good to be true. This oil has quickly become a must-have for me, even though it sells out so quickly. Use it on your skin, put it on before a workout, then use it in your hair to smooth down any flyaways."

Cilk Inner Beauty Rose Extract $79Shop

"For years I have used rose oil on my skin, but this product puts all the benefits (think: a clear, glowing complexion) into a drink that you can have over ice. It tastes amazing, too."

Shop Tash's Edit

Tonik Organic Coconut Oil Capsules $30Shop

"They actually had me hooked when I heard they'd give me dewy skin from within. These coconut pills make life that little bit easier. Plus, with all the proven positive resultsВ that come with takingВ coconut oil daily, there really is no excuse."

Blaq Hydrogel Eye Masks $29Shop

"These chic eye masks hydrate under the eye, decrease puffiness, and also add that glow that we all need. They also reduce the appearance of dark circles."В

Face Halo Cleansing Pad $30Shop

"This product is so clever and easy. I didn'tВ believe it would work, but now I'm obsessed. It removes makeup with just water, and cleans your skin better than any makeup remover or wipe. You have to try it."В