Whoa-the Jenner Sisters Haven't Had a Look-Alike Moment Like This Since the '90s

Whoa-the Jenner Sisters Haven't Had a Look-Alike Moment Like This Since the '90s

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Despite their two-year age difference, (Kylie will turn 21 in August and Kendall will turn 23 in November) and an inevitable familial resemblance, we've never had trouble telling the Jenner sisters apart. True, they share the same raven-hued strands and chocolaty brown eyes, but when it comes to their style and beauty aesthetic, they're identifiably unique. For instance, Kendall's signature is more minimal, and unless she's on the red carpet or walking a runway, we rarely detect a trace of makeup on her face. Whereas Kylie is more consistently glammed up. (Aside from the occasional, bare-faced selfie, of course.) Therefore, when the sisters each posted a series of photos from what looks like an impromptu photo shoot, we did a double take.В

While Kylie captioned the gallery with a heartfelt "love u sister," Kendall referenced their borderline alien-esque resemblance with a short and sweet: "alien sister." Of course, they're sisters, so they're going to look alike. But with their matching lobs, nude pouts, copper eye shadow, and feathery lashes, the resemblance quickly accelerates from notable to uncanny. In fact, we're not sure if we've seen this much of a doppelgänger moment from the pair since the '90s when the two were mere babes. (The picture below taken with elder sister Kim provides supreme photo evidence, no?)

Since we love a good doppelgänger moment, (why oh why are they just so fascinating?), below, we've rounded up a few of our other favorite look-alike duos. Enjoy!

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