Amazing New Amazon Beauty Products to Buy in December

Amazing New Amazon Beauty Products to Buy in December

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Okay, now it's crunch time to get all your holiday shopping done. ThankВ goodness it's 2017 and we are able to shop for our loved ones without having to fight through crowds or wait in ridiculous lines. That's where our new favorite destination for beauty comes in.В

If you don't already know, Amazon has become one of our resources to get the best in beauty. We rounded up the best products launching in December to help you with your holiday shopping needs.В

Click through to see what you should be adding to your cart ASAP.В

OPIВ 4 Piece Xoxo Infinite Shine ($19)

OPI is offering 12 limited-edition shades. We love this specific gift set because you get a base and top coat to keep your holiday mani intact as long as possible.В

Jimmy ChooВ Man Ice Eau De Toilette ($72)

Just because a cologne is an easy gift to give the man in your life doesn't make it any less special. This one from Jimmy Choo is a nice citrus smell that we guarantee anyone will love.В В

ForeoВ Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush ($139)

We get it. You're either Team Clarisonic or Team Foreo. For those on the latter team, you can rejoice that you can now find your favorite cleansing tool on Amazon in different colors. Our personal favorite is this yellow one; it just makes us happy looking at it.В

SkinMedicaВ TNS Essential Serum ($281)

This is a miracle worker. It plumps and firms the skin, while also giving it collagen and antioxidants.В

DermablendВ Makeup Setting Kit ($51)

We always find ourselves complaining about makeup never staying on but doing little to actually fix that problem. That's no longer an issue with this set. It contains setting powder and spray to guarantee up to 16-hour wear.В

LAFCOВ House & Home DiffuserВ Feu de BoisВ ($115)

This will honestly make your home smell amazing. It's made with notes of burning wood and mountain spruce to make your home smelling extra warm and homey.

Smith & CultВ Holiday Set Nail Trio ($50)

The Smith & Cult polishes are the definition of cool. From the edgy bottle and kick-ass names, you get three amazing shades in this gift set.В В

Next up, check out what to get for your favorite millennial.В


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