11,000 of These New ВЈ5 Foundations Sold in Their First 2 Hours on Sale

11,000 of These New ВЈ5 Foundations Sold in Their First 2 Hours on Sale

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Courtesy of Makeup Revolution

One of the most satisfying things about experimenting with makeup is finding a drugstore steal that outperforms high-end products.В A brand that does a stellar job of creating cheap products that both consumers and beauty editors love is Revolution-and now it has a new product to add to the mix. Its brand-new Fast Base Foundation Stick (ВЈ5) sold an impressive 11,000 units within the first two hours of being on sale, so we highly advise that you get your hands on one after reading this article.

Revolution is no stranger to creating viral products. Its Conceal and Define Concealer (ВЈ4) broke the internet too by selling 30,000 units every day during its first month on sale, but what's so special about this new foundation stick?

Well, firstly it comes in 18 shades, which according to our intel at Revolution, is the "biggest shade range of any mass brand." Secondly, it attracted 1000 comments on its Instagram debut within a mere 40 minutes and lastly-it didn't use a single model to advertise it.

Instead, Revolution let consumers and bloggers like Kadeeja Khan spread the world.

Kadeeja uploaded a video of her applying the foundation to her Instagram, and within seconds, it's clear to see just how great the coverage is. It conceals her redness with just one layer and blends out into to an even, flawless base.

She went onto say in the caption that "I don't want a foundation that makes my acne look worse than what it is.… I want a foundation that can lock in my discolouration… I never in a million years would think my go-to foundation would be a drugstore product! I always thought the more expensive the product the better the outcome!"