8 Subtle Smoky Eyes for People Who Believe Less Is More

8 Subtle Smoky Eyes for People Who Believe Less Is More

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When most people think of the term "smoky eye," they call to mind images of kohl-rimmed lids, stark gray and black eye shadow, and graphic shapes. They're not wrong. After all, smoky and sooty are basically synonyms, and bold interpretations of the look litter social media and red carpet events. Google "smoky eye tutorial" and you'll see that most are dark, glamorous, and edgy. Rarely, though, will you find one on the softer side of the smoke.

Instead of the traditional grungy and charred vibe of what we will, from here on out, refer to as Instagram smoky eyes, these soft looks give off a subdued and romantic feel. No matter what shade of eye shadow they're created with, the final result is silky and diffused-like a tendril of smoke rising from a lit match. While less dramatic than others you might be used to seeing, these looks are just as impactful.

Don't believe us? Keep scrolling to see eight celebrities who have flawlessly pulled off the subtle smoky eye look. After seeing them, you'll be reaching for your favorite eye shadow palette and blending brush. They're that good.

Getty Images

Let us start with Hailey Baldwin's Met Gala look. Her bubblegum pink hair and high-end flower crown were the obvious standouts, but we couldn't help noticing her diffused smoky brown eye shadow. Its subtle rosy undertone and smoked-out edges gave the look an ethereal effect.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette $54Shop

Baldwin's look can easily be re-created using Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette, which includes many more rosy pink tones than the original does. Combine the shades Darkside and Factory, which are two brick-brown shades, with Nooner, a shimmery taupe-pink, for a similar rosy brown effect. Pairing it with pink hair isn't compulsory, but it's definitely encouraged.

Getty Images

Eliza GonzГЎlez's smoky eye shadow is faint, shimmery, and perfect. She keptВ this one looking red carpet-ready by combining it with glam barrel curls and coral pink lips (and diamonds).

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette $9Shop

To us, this looks like something that could be re-created using Maybelline's original The Nudes palette. It includes 12 pressed powders, ranging from beige to onyx black. Thanks to a combination of satin and matte finishes, you can achieve the same shimmery result.

Getty Images

Ciara proved that black and gray shades don't have to be bold and graphic. If blended out with a fluffy brush, they lend definition and shape to the eyes without overtaking the entire makeup look. If you look closely, you'll notice her lower lash line was rimmed in shimmery gold shadow, which kept her eyes looking big, bright, and fresh. We love it-especially with the nude lip.

Nars Narsissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette $59Shop

To replicate Ciara's soft charcoal smoky eye look, try using NARSВ Loaded Eyeshadow Palette ($59), which has 12 total gorgeous metallic and matte shades. For this look in particular, use a combination of the shimmery beige/gray shade on the lower left of the palette and a bit of the onyx shade on the lower right. Then, add a bit of the shimmery gold shade along the lower lash line for extra dimension and shine. VoilГ .В

Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West is something of a subtle-smoky-eye devotee. She's known for wearing soft and diffused shadows, especially in neutral shades such as this orange-brown color combination that she wore to the CFDA Awards in New York City last month.

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette $29Shop

This is almost identical to a look we've created using Urban Decay's Naked PetiteВ Heat Palette, which is a miniature-size version of the brand's original 12-shade palette. We used the orange shade, called Wild Thing, to get a similar ochre brown effect.В

Getty Images

We can't leave her older sister Kourtney off the list. Here, she made an appearance on a red carpet of a film premiere in Hollywood, wearing a barely there shade of brown on her lids. There's a reason we included this on our list of her best makeup looks of all time.

E.l.f Flawless Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Goddess $2Shop

Try using E.l.f's mini palette. Choose whichever brown shade is closest to your skin tone, and then dust it all over the lid and lower lash line before blending it out with a fluffy brush.

Getty Images

Speaking of barely there eye shadow, take heed from Elizabeth Olsen, who paired a dusting of mauve shadow with a vivid rose-colored lip and soft, fluttery eyelashes. The look had a definite effortless French-girl vibe to it, no? C'est chic.

Maybelline Expertwear Monos Eyeshadow in Cool Cocoa $3Shop

Use a mauve-tone eye shadow single such as this one from Maybelline for a similar French girl-approved no-makeup makeup look. It's a shade that can be worn every single day and for every situation. Plus, it's budget-friendly (only $3 each!).В Consider usВ sold.

Getty Images

Like West, Olsen has worn many subtle smoky eye looks in her lifetime. This one was so good that we had to include her in this roundup twice for it. TheВ pink shadeВ made her green eyes pop. No wonder makeup artists recommend green-eyed people invest in pink shades.В

Alima Pure Pressed Eyeshadow in Siren $26Shop

This shimmery pink shadow comes recommended by makeup artist Ashley Rebecca. "The pink really brightens green eyes and can sometimes bring out hidden tones of gold which are so beautiful," she says. We agree. Please excuse us while we stock up on pink and red eye shadow. Even those of us who don't have green eyes want in on the warm tones.

Getty Images

Yeah, we're not off the warm-tone eye shadow bandwagon yet. Next up, we're crushing on burgundy eye shadow, which looks incredible when smoked out into a soft cat-eye shape. Take it from Gigi Hadid, who attended a Sports Illustrated launch event wearing it.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Mauve $27Shop

Hadid's eyes were all about the shimmer, which is why we recommend using this Huda Beauty palette that includes a variety of pink and red tones in striking metallic finishes. Just remember to blend, blend, blend. Even though it's a bold color, the trick is to keep it looking soft and diffused, not bold and graphic.

Next up, find out how to create a reverse smoky eye, which is another unique (and absolutely stunning) take on a traditional look. Oh, and it only takes four steps to achieve.


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