This At-Home Hair Dye Is Bleach Free and Amazing for Dark Hair

This At-Home Hair Dye Is Bleach Free and Amazing for Dark Hair

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If you're blessed with gorgeous, rich, brunette locks and an adventurous spirit, you've likely come face-to-face this common dark hair challenge. A new, trendy hair color is all the rage and testing it out is on your list of things to do. But, as you contemplate taking the plunge, you realize that in order to get a true shade to stick to your strands, bleach-and a lot of it-is going to be necessary. Knowing that you'll need to bleach the living daylights out of your hair may be enough to steer you clear of testing out a new hairstyle.

Thankfully, an affordable hair color brand, aptly named Splat, has a line of at-home hair dye specialized for people with dark hair. The best part is that it's formulated without any bleach. The box lets you test out a cool, new hue and avoid the brittle texture, breakage, and split ends that can accompany overly-processed hair. The no bleach semi-permanent dye collection features seven different gem-toned shades: Ruby, Indigo, Amethyst, Jade, Claret, Rosetta, and Violet.

Why Splat Is Different

While typical hair color requires peroxide and long stretches of waiting time to lift dark pigment from the hair, this dye is different. The vegan formula makes bleach-free color possible with the help of finely-milled micro-pigments that adhere to each strand of hair, resulting in high-impact color.В Unlike products that require bleach, Splat is gentle on your strands and takes effect in just 45 minutes, while lasting for up to eight weeks. Splat's Midnight Collection is recommended for brunettes in particular, as it can show up blindingly bright on lighter strands. But, hey, bold, saturated hair is cool too.

All seven of these colors will be a switch up from traditional brunette or dark hair. Plus, every shade is paraben free, cruelty free, vegan, and non GMO. Ruby's deep red hue, Jade's rich tone, and Claret's mauve tint will bring out the glow on those with pale or rosy undertones. The Indigo, Amethyst, Violet, or Rosetta are gorgeous with cool undertones and olive, tan complexions.

Tips for Application

Because the color is so pigmented, it's important to take the necessary precautions to avoid staining your hands or skin. Make sure you wear gloves when dealing with the product and line the area where your skin meets the hairline with petroleum jelly. This will ensure that the dye only adheres to your hair and not unwanted patches of skin. You'll want to apply a nice amount of color to dry hair and comb through to coat your hair evenly. After 45 minutes (leave in for an extra 15 minutes if you have thick hair), rinse, shampoo, condition, dry, and style. The treatment should last up to 30 washes.

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