These Are the Fashion Week Beauty Trends You Can Start Wearing Right Now

These Are the Fashion Week Beauty Trends You Can Start Wearing Right Now

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It'sВ pretty wild to start thinking about the next year (2019, we hardly knew ya). But when fashion week rolls around inВ New York, it's all about looking, planning, and anticipating the year ahead. It's exciting as well, as we're suckers for a good trend-especially come springtime. The best part about all of it, though, is these are looks you can start wearing right now (and products you can purchase right here). Team ByrdieВ is heading backstage at some of the biggest shows, and we're happy to report that there are some killer trends we know you're going to love. And far more to come.В Keep scrolling to see what we've found at fashion week.

#1 Painted Eyes

We've seen "poolside blue" eyes, graphic liner, and various bold looks on the runway for years. That said, this year's popular eye adornment is a little bit different. And we're calling it "painted eyes." Still bold, yes, but there's something more imperfect about this season's trend. It's a little smudged, offering up visible brush strokes and asymmetry. You'd think it'd look messy, but it doesn't. It's cool, laid back yet interesting, and yields even more vibrant textures than something perfectly blended. Pat McGrath included glitter, stars, and abstract shapes at Anna Sui. Chromat chose four colorful confections-"wash wings," squiggly liner, and the like. It's a new age-an expressive, blurred, more artistic approach to makeup.


В Getty Images

Anna Sui

В Getty Images

Pyer Moss

В Getty Images

#2 Futuristic French Manicure

The early-2000s favorite has been slowly making a comeback for a while now, but its presence was undeniable back stage this season. Though, just like the trends before it, it's a little different this time around. Rather than the heavy, acrylic-y look of the French manicure of years' past, this one is more delicate and little futuristic. Kith offered up a partial outline rendition, while Christian Siriano's look was mint green with iridescent sparkles. It feels familiar in that middle school kind of way, but more sophisticated.


В Courtesy of Essie

Christian Siriano

В Courtesy of Essie


В Courtesy of Essie

#3 Sun Shower Hair

Again, this isn't the first time wet-look hair has shown up on your computer screen (or iPhone screen, as the case may be). Still, we're pretty captivated by the newest iteration making waves this season-"sun shower hair." Picture this: It's a sunny day and, seemingly out of no where, you feel a warm breeze and fresh sprinkle of rain drops. It's not pouring, and the sun is still shining, but somehow a mist of humidity has taken up residence in the atmosphere. The finish is shiny, like morning dew, but your hair's not soaked. It's a perfect, glistening, refreshed type of style without any of the harshness a full-on slicked style yields. Needless to say, we're into it.

Prabal Gurung

В Courtesy of Oribe

Jonathan Cohen

В Courtesy of Oribe

Sally LaPointe

Courtesy of Amika


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