Reviewed: La Mer Perfecting Treatment

Reviewed: La Mer Perfecting Treatment

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La Mer Perfecting Treatment $240Shop

La Mer face creams are about as luxe as they come-the stuff of beauty legend, reserved for Hollywood royals and the very, very rich. Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss even reportedlyВ slather their whole bodiesВ in CrГЁme de la MerВ ( $490). Now that's fancy.

So when La Mer's Perfecting TreatmentВ ($240) came across my desk, suffice to say, I was pumped (and super grateful). Truth be told, my initial thought was,В Wow, this is heavy!В It not only feels like an expensive face cream, but it also looks and smells like one too. The pink-hued cream is an unexpected choice for the brand's renowned white formulas, but one that intrigued me nonetheless. I couldn't wait to apply it before bed that night and witness La Mer magic before my eyes.

Here's the lowdown on the product: It promises to light up your skin's luminosity factor. Think of it like a soft-focus filter for your face. There's also a patented compound called Miracle Broth that facilitates cell renewal, improving your skin's ability to repair itself. Everyday use of this gel-cream hybrid is meant to refine your skin's texture and tone over time. So, even though you should see results immediately upon application, it's much more than just a quick fix-it's a long game.

Fast forward to bedtime: After washing my face and swiping on a bit of toner, I dipped my fingers into the smooth pink cream. Its consistency isВ similar to a hydrogel, and it doesn't have the slightest greasy feeling. I was amazed at how fast it absorbed into my skin and noticed within seconds that my skin was radiating. I'd felt like I'd just gotten a facial at a five-star spa, and that is not hyperbole.

The next morning, my skin was still insanely soft and glowing. Had I slept an extra hour or two? No. This was the face cream at work during those prime nighttime hours when your skin cells are in repair mode. I washed up as usual and applied a new, fresh layer of the treatment because it feels extra luxurious to use this night and day. IВ found that it wasВ actually working with my foundation to create a dewy finish-no highlighter needed.

Had I hit the moisturizer jackpot? I think so. Senior editor Hallie Gould agrees.В She says, "It blurs and softens any flaws while also actually improving your skin-so it's very literally skincare as makeup. It makes your foundation glide on like porcelain in a way that I've never experienced before. Basically, this product is like the fanciest, most effectively helpful primer my skin has ever seen."

Now please excuse us while we apply it to our entire bodies. We may not be J. Lo, but we can pretend like we are-until this jar runs out.

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