The Secret to Getting Bombshell Waves

The Secret to Getting Bombshell Waves

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Over the last few months, we've had our eyes trained on a rising star in the hair industry-Los Angeles-based hairstylist Carly Walters. We're banking on Walters becoming the next big name in hair, and to accelerate her rise to the top, we partnered with TRESemmГ© to send her to work her first-ever runway show at New York Fashion Week. To arm her with everything she needs to know on The Road to #TRESNYFW, we introduced Walters to four TRESemmГ© stylists who will mentor her, collaborate with her on a hairstyle (that you voted for on Instagram), and share tricks of the trade for getting through such a high-pressure, high-energy work environment. Be sure to check back for regular updates on Carly's journey, and enjoy the ride!

What is it about a head of big, bouncy waves that always seems to catch our eye from a mile away? It's like everything around us continues moving at lightning speed while our attention focuses in on their enviable, hair commercial curls. Big, bouncy waves are like catnip for us beauty editors-and celebrity hairstylists, too, apparently.

“I like movement in the hair, and for it to be natural and effortless,” says TRESemmé stylist Marco Peña, who created this hairstyle after polling our followers on IG. (If you're curious, people really weren't feeling sleek styled hair anymore.) “It's so important to really work with different textures and feel them out, so you can make sure when you use products that the hair never gets too sticky or crunchy.”

It's a skill that takes time to learn, but it's something he hopes Walters will practice on her journey to NYFW. “This hairstyle is the perfect place to start, since it works on so many different textures,” agrees Walters-now let's get to it.

CLIQUE Studios

In order to get this look right, you need to prep hair accordingly-when it's wet. Using a brush, apply the TRESemmé Two Extra Hold Mousse ($5) to small sections of hair; then blow-dry it out. “It's lightweight and makes the hair easy to work with,” explains Peña. (It also helps hold the curls.)

CLIQUE Studios

Next, part hair to your preferred side; then mark, curl, and clip hair. “Leave the clips in for at least 20 minutes to give hair the right amount of volume needed for this look,” says Peña. Being patient will pay off in the end.

CLIQUE Studios

The last thing you want is for your curls to end up looking more Shirley Temple than bombshell-esque. To avoid that scenario, Peña recommends grabbing a flat brush. “By brushing through the curls, you're giving the hair more of a Hollywood-glam vibe,” he explains. Another easy way to give the styles sophistication? Add a hair accessory.

CLIQUE Studios

OnceВ you have your desired volume, mist TRESemmГ© Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray Level 3В ($5) to hold the style in place. It'll keep your look curled all night without giving you that dreaded crunchy feel. Walters agrees, and adds you can finish by running your fingers through the completed look to enhance the big, soft waves.

CLIQUE Studios

That's it-big, bouncy waves made easy. Next time you're walking down the street, it's others who will be doing the double-take.

Want more hair advice? Stay tuned as more TRESemmГ© stylists offer up their tips and tricks for Carly to master on The Road to #TRESNYFW.


TRESemmГ© Two Extra Hold Mousse $5ShopTRESemmГ© Compressed Micro-Mist Level 3 Hair Spray $5Shop

Photographer: James Houston

Hair: Marco PeГ±aВ and Carly Walters

Makeup: Gloria Noto

Stylist: Christian Stroble

Prop Stylist: Carl DoveВ

Model: Asia JacksonВ


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