A Lesson in Hair Versatility by Zendaya

A Lesson in Hair Versatility by Zendaya

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Stuck in a hair rut? Us too. And it's at times like these that we find ourselves desperately googling "Zendaya hair" because if anyone knows how to mix things up in that department, it's her. Quite frankly, no one has a hair repertoire quite so extensive-she's tried pixie crops, sleek bobs, sculpted afros and mega curls in the last year alone. And while you might not be ready for that level of chopping and changing, she's the perfect role model for pushing yourself out of your hairstyle comfort zone once in a while. Here we've gathered together our favourite Zendaya hair moments to give you a little inspiration for your next 'do.

Don Arnold/Getty Images

The Marcel Wave

Now, these finger waves aren't really the easiest to achieve at home-but if you fancy giving it a go, be sure to arm yourself with a pin-tail comb, these pro hair grips and plenty of non-sticky hair gel.

Presley Ann/Getty Images

The Swishy Blowdry

There's something pretty special about a swishyВ blow-dry that has Zendaya consistently returning to this style.В

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

The Sculpted Afro

For the InStyle U.S. Awards last year, Zendaya wore a perfectly-round sculpted afro inspired by an old family photo.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The Sleek Bob

Not afraid to take aВ wig for a spin, this sleek bob was a fun alternative to her naturally voluminous hair.

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

The Platinum Pixie Crop

Zendaya isn't shy of a colour change either, as proven by her short foray into blonde-ness with the wig she wore at the British Fashion Awards in 2017. Considering going blonde yourself? Read this tell-all guide first.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The Mega Curls

Zendaya's mega curls look great with a face-framing fringe. Want in? ThisВ curly-haired editor has tried everything on her curls, and this is what really works.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The Wet Look

Hair gel can be pretty scary-we get that-but Zendaya's just-emerged-from-a-swimming-pool red carpet look is surely enough to make you reconsider your aversion? If not, we've got moreВ wet-look hairstyles that might help.

Jackson Lee/Getty Images

The Fly Away Texture

Zendaya's brushed-out curls looked ethereal at last year's Met Gala.


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