Hairstylists Agree: This Is the Best Drugstore Curling Iron

Hairstylists Agree: This Is the Best Drugstore Curling Iron

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Professional brands are not hard to come by in hairstylists' kits. Mason Pearson brushes and Chi flatirons are virtually a given. However, we've encountered more than a few hairstylists who shop for their curling irons at the drugstore. And when they do, they all shop for the same one. We first discovered hairstylists' love for this particular curling iron on set with L.A.'s favorite hairdresser, Anh Co Tran. Ever since, we've solicited hairstylists' drugstore curling iron picks, and this pick has come up over and over.

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The #1 Pick

Hot Tools Professional Iron $40Shop

“The best drugstore curling iron is hands down Hot Tools. It will last forever and do a fantastic job. I use them daily, and they stand up perfectly to the abuse I throw their way! Hot Tools Gold 1” Curling Iron is my favorite. I can use it for almost every single style.” - celebrity hairstylist Michael Duenas

“It heats up fast, lasts for years, and has been a standard for professional stylists for years! Also, they offer a huge range of sizes in both ceramic and metal and offer both spring and marcel style handles, which are often difficult to find.” - celebrity hairstylist Nicole Blais

“I always stick to the basics when it comes to irons. Hot Tools is my go-to. It's affordable, reliable, and comes in every size.” - celebrity hairstylist Castillo

“If I had to choose an iron that gives me as many versatile looks as possible, this would be it. I can make hair curly, wavy, or even straight if I need to. The marcel feature also really helps the iron glide through the hair as well as saves my wrist from any long-term injury!” - Joico celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton

The Runner-Up

Conair Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic $17Shop

“With summer in full swing, there is nothing we love more than wavy, tousled locks to get us beach-ready. Regardless of if you are rocking long hair or working that short lob, grabbing a curling iron and adding some waves to your style can help boost volume and add texture to your look. One of my favorite drugstore go-to curling irons is the Conair Professional Series Curling Iron. It gets rid of frizz fast due to its nano tourmaline ceramic technology. It heats up in 30 seconds and maintains a consistent temperature. It's about $35 at local drugstores like Rite Aid.” - celebrity hairstylist Gilbert Muniz

“I have loved and will always love Conair curling irons. I started using Conair back in middle school because it's all my babysitting money could afford. But honestly, I'm not lying when I say I have a Conair 1/4” iron sitting on my bathroom sink right now. They are cheap but dependable and very attainable because they are sold at Target and most drugstores.” - celebrity hairstylist Kelly Hunt.