It's Official: This Is the Best Self-Tanner on the Internet

It's Official: This Is the Best Self-Tanner on the Internet

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We thank the beauty gods for the genius invention that is self-tanner every day. Without it, those of us with pale, pasty complexions would remain pale and pasty instead of beach-goddess bronzed for the majority of the year. Now, we can show off our tanned legs and glowing limbs sans sun-and for all of us who don't live near a beach (aka most people), this is a godsend.

And yet (there's always a yet, isn't there?), self-tanner-like the Bumble date who promises toВ call-doesn't always do what it promises. Some formulas will leave you with streaksВ while others leave blotches or don't do anything at all (or the opposite: They make you Oompa Loompa orange). To help us find out which fail-safe self-tanner women love the most, we turned to our friends at Rank & Style, a site that aggregates top-10 lists of all the best in fashion and beauty. Using its unique algorithm, Rank & Style did the math and came up with the one self-tanning product that won the popular vote.

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St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Bronzing Mousse $32Shop

It's no surprise that St. Tropez's cult favorite Bronzing Mousse is the self-tanner of choice for the majority of women. Applied with the brand's Tan Applicator Mitt ($7), the mousse glides on your body silky-smooth and leaves an instant tint behind. The color continues to develop as time passes, and by the time you've showered it off, your skin will look like you just got back from St. Barts-no orange hue in sight, and only the very, very slightest hint of self-tanner smell. (I personally swearВ by this product and can attest to its powers.)

Plus, it's perfect for pale girls-user RobynLB commented on Sephora's website, “I am fair skinned and have the color options of white, slightly less white, or red. Thanks to this product, I actually look tan for the first time in my life.”

Head on over to Rank & StyleВ to see the rest of the life-changing self-tanners on this list, and keep scrolling to shop some more of our favorites!

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tan Mousse & Tanning Mitt Duo $54Shop

This mousse from Vita Liberata has a pHenO2 technology that promises to make your tan last up to four times longer than a regular tan.

James Read Express Glow Mask-Body $52Shop

Apply this body mask with a mitt for an even, glowing finish.

Infinity Sun Glow on the Go $22Shop

Getting bronze couldn't be easier with this aerosol formula. Just spray evenly, and then walk out the door.В

Click here to see Rank & Style's list of the top self-tanners for your face, drugstore self-tanners, and summer skincare sets!В And click here to see how you can self-tan in five awesome new ways at home.

This post was originally published on June 1, 2015 and has since been updated.