Margot Robbie's Anti-Lipstick Hack Is Genius

Margot Robbie's Anti-Lipstick Hack Is Genius

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Brian Killian/Getty

Nobody likes the foundation-on-your-lips look, but sadly, it happens to all of us-even flawless beings like Margot Robbie. No matter how carefully we apply our foundation, somehow it always creeps onto our lips, creating a ghostlike appearance that can only beВ remedied with several layers of lipstick. (Why, oh why is it so difficult to remove foundation from your lips, huh?!)

On that note, in a new interview in the latest issue ofВ Marie ClaireВ Australia, Robbie revealed some of the best makeup hacks she's learned from on-set makeup artists over the years-one of which is a simple but genius trick for fixing the foundation-lips look without piling on more makeup.

"One trick I've learned is that every time I put on foundation, I dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and remove the foundation that's gotten on my lips so I don't have to wear lipstick," she said.

Eye makeup remover-of course. This actually isn't the first time we've heard makeup experts suggest repurposing eye creams andВ removers to fix various makeup mistakes.

To reverse liquid eyeliner mishaps, simply dip a cotton swab in eye cream and gently swipe it over the rogue liner.

We also love Robbie's hack considering the minimal lip looksВ we're seeing more and more-a countermove to the high-impact matte lips that have ruled the makeup world for the pastВ few years. Airbrushed skin, natural lips: Sounds like a trend to us.

Put Robbie's lipstick-free hack to use by shopping our favorite eye makeup removers below!

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