The Subtle Trick That Will Make All of Your Photos Look Better

The Subtle Trick That Will Make All of Your Photos Look Better

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Thanks to a questionably healthyВ devotion to my Instagram feed,В my job, and the importance our culture places on the way oneВ displays their life (and face) on the internet-I've been on an ever-growing quest to be more photogenic. Call it vapid, vain, and all things gratuitous, but it's part of me. As such, I'veВ learned a thing or twoВ on my journey to photographic Nirvana, a road paved with attempting myВ co-workers' signature selfie faces, talking toВ friends, taking notes from celebrities, and askingВ beautyВ influencers for feedback.

After all of this research, IRL and otherwise, there's one huge factor that makes the biggest difference (and, yes,В Kendall JennerВ does it too).В Below, we dig deeper into why a certain head tilt makes all the difference.

It makes you look slimmer

According toВ Getty ImagesВ photographer Steve Granitz, this trick will make you look slimmer because it accentuates your jawline. "Turning your head slightly to the right and lowering your chin gives your facial features depth," Who What WearВ reports. It helps keep shadows at bay, which can make your face look wider.

It makes you look younger

Playing with the way light hits your face will always work out in your favor. In this case, peering into the camera, straight-on, can allow for overhead lighting to accentuate your under-eye bags, fine lines, and discoloration. By slightly maneuvering your head to the side, the light will bounce off your cheekbones, disguising your flaws and instantly making you look younger.

It shows off your best side

PureWowВ reportsВ a studyВ from Wake Forest University revealed that the left side of the face is perceived and rated as more pleasant. Research suggestsВ this is due to the fact thatВ our left side is "more intense and active during emotional expression." So if you're unsure which "side" is your best, go for the left. Science says it's the good one.

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