The Healthiest People on Earth All Drink This Microwavable Beverage

The Healthiest People on Earth All Drink This Microwavable Beverage

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Urban Outfitters

Unlike our spiralizers and Vitamixes, we wouldn't quite consider the microwave a "wellness" appliance. Goodness knows we all love the convenience, but for whatever reason, microwaving old leftovers or coffee just seems, well, less adult than warming them up on the stove. But according to a new report from The Cut, we food sloths have one more reason to indulge our microwave habits: There's a beverage that's actually healthier if you make it in the microwave.

According to The Cut, an Australian scientist at the University of Newcastle, Quan Vuong, PhD, found that "microwaving tea activated 80% of the caffeine, theanine, and polyphenol compounds within the drink-an increase compared to heating it up on the stove." These nutrients are important for relieving stress, reducing inflammation, preventing signs of aging, supporting healthy blood sugar levels, and more.

Tea isn't the only thing Vuong suggests you microwave for better health. In 2016, he discovered that microwaving lemon releases more antioxidants and microwaving macadamia skin makes its phenolic compounds more accessible. The Cut also calls Vuong "a serial microwaver" and reports that he swears microwaved tea is tastier than kettle-brewed tea, too. Not sure how scientific that claim is, but because we can't be bothered to fire up the stove, we're happy to believe it.

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