You Can Now Customize YSL's Most Popular Lipstick

You Can Now Customize YSL's Most Popular Lipstick

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Yves Saint Laurent

Normally, we would say we're all ears when it comes to breaking beauty news. But regarding today's latest from the makeup experts at YSL, we're truly all lips. And since we're not here to play, here's the scoop: You can now customize your lipstick. Intrigued? Let us explain.В

Starting today, you can curate a personal lip experience courtesy ofВ We know you already have your signature shade of the brand's Rouge Pur Couture LipstickВ ($37) tapped, but why not make it extra and have it engravedВ andВ aptly outfitted? We're not the only ones who fall prey to a bit of artful packaging, are we?В

If you don't already have a favorite color, the selection is fruitful and incorporates shades from subtle nudes and mauves to bold red and corals to vampy plums and pinks. Plus, the line offersВ both matte and satin finishes.В

Next, choose your tube. As the brand exclusively told us, you can choose from "Iconic YSL brand codes such as stars, hearts, lips or a leopard print."

Yves Saint Laurent

Last, but certainly not least, you can choose whether or not you'd like to engrave your tube with a message or monogram.В And since it's limited time only, we can't think of a better gift for a fellow lipstick lover or, hey, just little old you.

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