Girls With Short Hair Should Avoid This Color Trend, Says an Expert

Girls With Short Hair Should Avoid This Color Trend, Says an Expert

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Everywhere we look, someone is cutting their hair. Kendall Jenner parted with her raven locks, Bella Hadid is now the proud owner of a sleek French-girl bob, even Kate HudsonВ has taken it to the next level with her fresh buzz-cut-and she looks amazing to say the least. If the above examples are anything to go by, cutting your hair is theВ best beauty update you can undertake this spring.В

Most long-haired girls would agree though, that transitioning from long to short is easier said than done (especially if you've had long hair for years-you can feel almost naked without it). All of a sudden, your go-to color and styling techniquesВ are redundant, and you're left mystified when it comes to consulting your stylist. So to save the confusion (and the guesswork), we enlisted the help of Anthony Nader of Raw. Working between Australia and New York, Nader has a well-rounded (and global) take on what works for short styles, plus five product recommendations that are sure to change your life for the better.

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Byrdie Australia: What is the most requested short hair colors your clients ask for?

Anthony Nader: I find girls with shorter lengths want to push their hair to the lighter end of the spectrum. This is never a problem, but only if their strands are in tip-top condition. The lighter the hair, the more impact it has against your complexion and bone structure, which is fantastic for highlighting the features. There's nothing more stunning than a beautiful blonde base-your skin will appear luminous and your cheekbones will pop.

B: What is the most requested cut when a client decides to go short?В

AN:В Most of my clients want soft and feminine styles. In my books, this works for any person (or season) as not everyone can carry off a hard-edged short crop. Most peopleВ request a haircut that hugs the hairline with interior texture. This style is not only fun to create different hair shapes, but it's also on-trend. Basically, the more texture your hairdresser can cut in, the more your style can move around. It also makes it easy to change it up using different hair products, meaning you're always one step ahead of the trend.

B: What are the most flattering color trends for shorter styles?В

AN: If you want low maintenance, don't venture more than two or three shades from your natural base as the upkeep will hurt your purse. Also, you need to think about your makeup if you do go down this track. You might find it's best to swap out your existing shades and start fresh to match your new color.

Another great look for shorter hair is to lighten the mid-lengths and ends a bit. This is fun as it gives your short hair more dimension and texture, whereas without, your hair length might look solid and round. Even if the texture is there, a solid color can hide it from everyone, even you.

If you're afraid of color, ask your hair colorist to weave in some baby lights on the top area of your head. This will create a very natural halo effect, and it might encourage you to be more adventurous next time.

B: What color trends should shorter lengths avoid?

AN:В Any shade that is too dark needs to be seriously thought about before it's too late (and painted all through your hair). The dark color on the hairline and scalp is a dead giveaway that you've had a dodgy color job. By all means, have your fun on the mid-lengths and ends with the color palette you and your hair colorist have chosen, but always think about how you're going to manage it between salon visits.

B: What short-hair color trends will be everywhere this summer?В

AN:В I'm really into soft and muted colors-nothing plastic or shiny-looking. French woman are known for having that "I haven't been to the salon, I don't know what you're talking about" vibe. I love that they like their color and cut to look like it's worn in-it's almost secretive in a way. This summer, the color trend will have more of a French, cool-girl vibe, rather than squeaky clean with bells attached. It will be soft, lived-in, and almost washed out, in away.

Nader's top five best products for short hair

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