The 6 Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs to Own

The 6 Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs to Own

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There are two types of people out there: those who use makeup brushes and those who don't. For the latter camp, it can be an overwhelming minefield of strange jargon and seemingly complicated items, all of which are used for various purposes. But it doesn't have to be so confusing: We scoured the internet for the best brushes that makeup artists mentioned over and over so you can shop the exact pieces you need in your makeup bag.

While many makeup artists we've talked to have suggested that you forgo a brush for foundation (and use your fingers instead), there were plenty of others who have said brushes are key to creating incredible everyday makeup looks. From the correct bronzer brush to the type of blusher wand you need, we've hunted down the five you need in your beauty arsenal. Keep scrolling for our guide on the six makeup brushes every person should own.

#1: Flat-Top Foundation Brush

Opt for a densely packed flat-top brush to apply your liquid or powder foundation-this will enable you to buff the product into the skin for an almost airbrushed effect. "It fits in every little nook and cranny of your face to completely blur away every pore and every fine line for your most flawless skin," says It Cosmetics co-founder Jamie Kern Lima of the brand's Heavenly Luxe Buffing Foundation Brush (ВЈ35).

Key Buy:

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Buffing Foundation Brush $48ShopBare Minerals Luxe Performance Brush $30ShopYSL Beauty Touche Г‰clat Foundation Y-Brush $45Shop

#2: A Precision Brush

The easiest way to ensure you get a decent contour on your face (and we're not necessarily talking Kim Kardashian West levels) is to take a precision brush and add some definition. Charlotte Tilbury is a fan of the precision brush and uses it to add contour to faces. She suggests looking in the mirror and then sucking in your cheeks and following the natural hollows. Makeup artist Mary Greenwell also recommends a slightly angled contour brush to give your face definition and a light contour.

Key Buy:

Zoeva Cream Cheek Brush $20ShopChantecaille Sculpt Brush $40ShopDelilah Angled Contour Brush $49Shop

#3: A Bronzer Brush

After applying your contour, adding bronzer all over your face will give you an allover glow. But you don't want to use your precision brush for that; you want to use an actual bronzer brush. As Tilbury says, "Once you've finished contouring, use a bigger bronzer brush to create a sun-kissed finish to the skin and remember to blend, blend, blend."

Key Buy:

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Brush $85ShopSpace NK Powder Brush $24ShopNo7 Body & Face Brush $16Shop

#4: Concealer Brush

Now, the kind of concealer brush you require depends on the size of your face, according to makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She always opts for a flat concealer brush but will choose different sizes, saying they're great for patting in color and around shadowy areas such as the nose and the mouth.

Key Buy:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer Brush (#18) $18ShopSigma Beauty F75 Concealer Brush $16ShopNo7 Concealer Brush $7Shop

#5: Blusher Brush

While you might be thinking, Wait, I need a brush for a bronzer and blusher? the truth is it all comes down to size. While you want an allover glow from your bronzer, for which you need a big brush, when it comes to blusher, you need something slightly smaller to get the apples of your cheeks. Contributing Byrdie editor and trained makeup artist Amy Lewis agrees: "A smaller brush is needed for better control when it comes to blusher," she says.

Key Buy:

Delilah Blusher Brush $49ShopReal Techniques Blush Brush $9ShopCYO Powder Brush $3Shop

#6: Spoolie Brush

A spoolie brush, in case you're wondering, helps to tame eyebrows. Not only can you add colour to your brows to fill them in and make them seem thicker, but they also have a spiral brush on the other side to comb your brows too. Kim Kardashian West's go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, likes to use this brush to help set brows too.

To get the best out of your brows, Dedivanovic says that he starts by brushing the brows with a spoolie and then lightly fills them in anywhere they need it with a brow pencil. After that, he defines the shape by taking a brow brush and shadow: "I use one that's one shade lighter than the pencil I used beforehand, which softens the look and adds dimension."

Key Buy:

Morphe M413 Brow Spoolie Brush $5ShopSmashbox Lash & Brow Lifter Brush $22ShopBenefit Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie $20Shop

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