The 13 Best Makeup Products We Tried in September

The 13 Best Makeup Products We Tried in September

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We get really excited this time of the month, pausing to reflect on the best products we've tried in the past 30 days (which is both incredibly fun and incredibly difficult). We have a fun surprise up our sleeves: Whereas before we dedicatedВ one lone "best-of" postВ to every kind of beauty product-from hair products to makeup to skincare-we've decided to split up ourВ favorite categoriesВ each month to provide specific insight into what we've been loving, trying, and recommending to everyone we know. Right here, right now, we're talking makeup. Behold the 13 best makeup products Team Byrdie tried and quickly fell head over heels for during the month of September. Oh, and they just might be some of our favorites thus far in 2018. Keep scrolling for the lipsticks, luminizers, and foundations we couldn't stop swiping.

Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Long-Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick in Rose $35Shop

"I'll just say this. Rarely does a lipstick that claims to be long-wearing actually live up to be long-wearing. Even rarer? A durable formula that lastsВ and keeps my chap-prone lips perfectly hydrated, plump, and glistening with gorgeous color all day. But this one from clean makeup brand Jane Iredale does. I have almost all of the shades, and they're all equallyВ perfect and on point for fall. That being said, I receive the most compliments when I wear this duskyВ hue entitled Rose."

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix 24-Hour Liquid Concealer $22Shop

"I love concealer, but it's one of the makeup products I'mВ pickiest about when it comes to formula and consistency. Thus, there has only been a handful to truly win me over ever since I became infatuated with makeup back in middle and high school. I've always loved MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer ($24)-and still do-but dare I say I love this brand-new 24-hour formula better? Inspired by the brand's infamous and eponymous foundation, this concealer offers incredible coverageВ (a little goes a really long way which equates to less product overall) and the range of shades is impressive. I haven't been reaching for anything other than this tube to diffuse and hide my dark circles and zits all month long."В

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Poppet $50Shop

"Where do I start? Anyone who knows me can tell you blush and lipstick (oh, and mascara!) are my favorite makeup products to experiment with, hands down. This vibrant shade of pink has had me 100% smitten all month long. Not surprising considering it's part of makeup artist legend Gucci Westman's brand-new collection. The packaging alone is well worth the $50 (so chic) and the blendability, durability, and all-around perfection of the stick itself is in a league of its own. This is coming from someone who rarely strays from powder blush formulas. Plus, it's easy to throw in your bag and bring it everywhere you go. Not that you'll even need a touch-up, but still,В it's good to be prepared. I've also been known to smudge it on my lips and lids. Because, yeah, it looks good everywhere."В

Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush $24Shop

"This new K-beauty-inspired makeup line at Sephora is fun and cheeky, and my favorite product from the line is definitely this heart-shaped, sponge-tip cheek 'stamp.' You push it against your cheek, it makes a satisfying clicking sound, and then you blend in the formula with your fingers. The finish is slightly dewy and makes you look like someone just paid you a really nice compliment."

Elcie Complete Remedy Slique Concealer $28Shop

"I don't usually wear under-eye concealer but have had a couple of late nights recently that have caused me to look in the mirror and think, You look tired, girl. EnterВ Elcie's newest concealer. Created by L.A.-based makeup artist extraordinaire Lilit Caradanian, this creamy, brightening concealer comes in the most genius tube. The silver-tipped applicator allows you to apply directly underneath the eye area, like an eye cream. But the formula is really what steals the show. I couldn't believe how creamy and hydrating it felt, and it brightened my dark circles (and de-puffed my eye bags) without settling into lines or looking cakey halfway through the day. I'll be telling everyone about this under-the-radar gem (and looking less tired because of it)."

Victoria's Secret Just Say Glow Highlighter Stick $16Shop

"I'm a huge fan of cream highlighter sticks, but they have to be theВ perfect consistency. If they're too balmy, my combination skin doesn't agree with it. Instead, I need something that's shimmery (not glittery), blends well, and has a soft, powder finish so I don't look like a snow globe by midday. My steady go-to for the past year or so has been Revlon InstaFix, but when I came across this new variation from Victoria's Secret, a company I admittedly don't often buy makeup from, I was immensely impressed by the soft, diffused light it gave my skin. It also doesn't settle into lines or crease as time wears on. Lastly, I love that it's a pretty gold color, which helps warm up my pale complexion with pink undertones."

Make Beauty Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Poppy $25Shop

"Bright orange eye shadow is really doing it for me lately, and this cruelty-free little single is the perfect coral shade I've been searching for. I apply it with a slightly wet brush and the pigmentation is lovely (but not too heavy). I can see this being a fall staple for sure."

Milk Makeup Long Wear Gel Eyeliner $22Shop

"Milk's new gel liners go on so satisfyingly smooth, are self-sharpening, and come in cool, slightly unexpected colors like slate gray and navy blue. Great for both the water line and the lid. A super-solid new eyeliner on the market."

Nars Erdem Lipstick in Larkspur $28Shop

"I'm literallyВ alwaysВ in a rush. Even though my life feels like a blur most of the time, I like to look like I have my shit together. So to save me in those moments, I always keep several lipsticks nearby. This little baby-blue tube had been sitting on my desk for a few days until I decided to give it a go. I had a concert to go to after work and wanted something that looked fun but felt low-maintenance. This creamy formula left a sheer, barely there orchid hue on my lips. It had just enough pigment and felt ultra moisturizing on my lips. My best friend immediately asked me which lipstick I was wearing when we met up. So yeah, this is a winner."

Cover FX Power Play Concealer $30Shop

"Cover FX has always been leading the pack when it comes to shade-inclusive formulas fit for all skin tones. I'm a fan of this vegan concealer (available in 30 diverse shades) because it offers full-coverage and takes seconds to blend. I literally tap a few tiny dots underneath my eyes in the morning and can use the warmth of my ring finger for a seamless finish. Its thick, doe applicator makes it easy peasy to apply wherever your skin needs a little love. Not to mention it has glow-inducing powers that last all day."В

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer Highlighter in Bronze $35Shop

"I'm obsessed with any product that promises radiance. Sure, summer's coming to an end, but that doesn't mean I can't glow all year long. I lean toward golden, champagne hues for my dark skin tone. One drop of this illuminator mixed with my foundation is the perfect cocktail for a lit-from-within look. I love mixing together base makeup; it feels like a fun science project. Plus, this hydrating formula is made with daisy extract, which works to even out your skin tone. To amp up the radiance on the high points of my face, I doubled up on this with a bit more coverage."

Mary Kay Volumizing Brow Tint $14Shop

"Mary Kay discontinuedВ its iconic clear brow gel (tear) but replaced it with this new tint, a gel that offers long-lasting color and microscopic fibers that cling to each and every one of your brow hairs. That way, it fills in any gaps or sparseness, volumizes, and grooms your brows to near perfection."

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk $18Shop

"I've become somewhat of a clear-gloss fiend, trying just about every formula on the market (including especially glossy balms). Naturally, Fenty hit yet another product out of the park withВ its new gloss. It's a shimmering wash of milky pearl that's like a dewy highlight for your lips-just enough sparkle without being overly glittery. It plumps, coats, and conditions all at once."

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