This Lipstick Has Been Pinned Over 187,000 Times on Pinterest

This Lipstick Has Been Pinned Over 187,000 Times on Pinterest

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If you were to guess the shade of lip color blowing up on Pinterest, chances are it would be a classic red, the perfect nude, or something wild and unicorn-themed. But the image-sharing platform revealed that a golden shade from Jouer Cosmetics has been making its way into everyone's Pinterest feeds. Jouer Long-Wear Lip CrГЁme Liquid Lipstick in Papaye was the trending lip choice around Valentine's Day, promising a gilded pout for date night, and has been shared like crazy since its 2016 launch-boasting over 187,000 repins (and counting).

The best-selling liquid lipstick, described as a "metallic warm peach," can be applied straight onto the lips for a golden sheen or worn over other colors for a dimensional iridescent effect that plays with the light. The lip cream is formulated with coconut oil, so it delivers the warm scent while moisturizing lips though it dries as a matte finish. If you're looking to take the popular shade from your Pinterest feed and into your own hands, the viral (and often sold-out) product is currently in stock on Jouer's site for $18.

Keep scrolling to see the shade and shop the bestseller below.

@jouercosmetics Jouer Long-Wear Lip CrГЁme Liquid Lipstick in Papaye $18Shop

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