Now Trending: Colour-Contoured Lashes

Now Trending: Colour-Contoured Lashes

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When adventure calls and we feel inclined to changeВ up our beauty look, we typicallyВ opt for a bold new lip colourВ or switch up our everydayВ eyeliner lookВ for something a bit more time-consuming. But the latest makeup trend to sweep PinterestВ may have you rethinking your approach. Low-effort but high-impact, this simple-yet statement-making-switch-upВ to your mascara strategy has the ability toВ instantly make your eyes pop. Interest piqued? Colour-contoured lashes isВ Pinterest's favourite new makeup trend-and it might become yours too.

A short video collaboration between Harper's Bazaar and L'OrГ©al Paris breaks down the easy step-by-step to achieving the statement look. After a couple swipes of primer to the ends of curled lashes, immediately apply blue mascara just to the tips. Comb from the root to the tips to remove excess mascara, then finish off the bottom lashes with a swipe of black, and you're good to go. The result is an enchanting ombrГ© effect that gives a subtle yet impactful pop that opens the eyes and gives a playful touch of unexpected colour.

For the full demonstration, check outВ the video below.


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