No Coffee Required: This Leaves Eyes Looking Wide Awake

No Coffee Required: This Leaves Eyes Looking Wide Awake

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If you know anything about Eyeko, you know that it's rather adept at creating iconic, must-have eye makeup. Liquid eyeliner? Check. Brow brushes? Check. Long-wear mascara? Check. Now you can add to that list (we left out many others, btw), the brand's new Lash Alert Mascara. But, as with everything that Eyeko creates, this isn't just any new mascara. And it doesn't just give you fuller and longer lashes. This is a mascara and treatment in one, promising to give you naturally longer, more luscious lashes the more you wear it. Oh, and you won't need an eyelash curler either.

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We hear your cry: Why should you invest in yet another mascara? Well, as stated above, this isn't just another mascara. Sure, it helps to curl your lashes with a wand specifically designed to lengthen them upwards without the use of a curler. But it also comes with a treatment. Using multiple key ingredients, this is a hair-growth mascara too. Biotinyl tripeptide boosts thickening; arginine amino acid stimulates hair growth, as it effectively raises blood circulation; and Shea butter gives extra nourishment so your lashes are protected and frail lashes are strengthened. Additionally, it contains caffeine, essentially making this formula like a shot of energising coffee for your lashes each morning. It's a veritable cocktail of lash-boosting ingredients and a mascara in one. Need we say more?

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