These 10 Eye Makeup Looks Are Dripping With Gold

These 10 Eye Makeup Looks Are Dripping With Gold

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In winter, the onlyВ colors I want to wear are either dark and vampy or bright and metallic. There is no in-between. What's more, I love combining the two into a single complementary color pairing (thinkВ wine-colored lipstick paired with shiny gold shadow). The latter is something I always have in my makeup bag. Whether it's a creamy liquid shadow or a shimmery powder, I make sure I have gold eye makeup on my vanity at all times. Maybe it's my love of '70s style (gold is basically synonymous with disco) or maybe it's because it's a universally flattering shade, but I can'tВ get enough of it. Keep scrolling to see my 10 favorite gold makeup looks that I turn to whenever I'm in need of inspiration.В

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes isn't afraid of glow, shimmer, or glitter. We love this simple look she created using an opalescent gold shadow and winged black eyeliner.

Go easy on yourself and leave liquid eyeliner out of the equation. Instead, use a bold metallic gold shadowВ to create aВ graphic cat-eye shape. Makeup artistВ Sarah Sequeira used Make Up For Ever's Flash Color Palette($99) and Kiko CosmeticsВ Shimmering Gold Eyeliner ($7).

This one's similar to the one before it, but slightly different due to the blocked-off shape on the outer corner of the eye. It makes for a more modern and editorial result.


An easy way to create a standout gold eye shadow look is to swipe a bold metallic pigment across the entire eyelid, from the lashline to the brow. We'll be replicating this gilded look using MACВ Gold Pigment ($22).В

Gold and pink go together like winged liner and red lipstick. Take heed from this 24-karat makeup look and pair gold eye shadow with soft pink blush. We recommend Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Kink & Kisses($42), which is a light peachy pink.


I am a fan of the gold and pink color combination. One of my favorite (and easiest) makeup looks to create is simple gold liner paired with a soft blush-toned lipstick. In this instance, I used Urban DecayВ 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Goldmine ($22) and Crop NaturalВ Intense Matte Lipstick in Loveable Lou ($26).В

To me, this gold eye makeup look gives off a very model-off-duty kind of vibe. It looks like something I'd see backstage at a Fashion Week show. To replicate, swipe on a base of rosy-brown shadow all around the perimeter of the eye before adding a small, imperfect piece of gold foil on the inner corner of each eye.В


Gold foil strikes again. This time, though, it's much bolder. Individual, asymmetric pieces are placed all over the lid, made even more eye-catching by their juxtaposition with smudged black liner.

For a glamorous, rock-'n'-roll vibe, pair gold eye shadow with black liner, as Pat McGrath does in this video she posted to Instagram. In it, she uses her namesakeВ Bronze Seduction Palette ($125), which is full of glinting metallic shades.


If you want to go all out and wear a glinting, gilded gold makeup look, pair a shimmery gold shadow with metallic lipstick like Color SensationalВ Matte Metallics Lipstick ($8).В


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