We Asked Fitness Influencers What They Keep in Their Fridges

We Asked Fitness Influencers What They Keep in Their Fridges

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When it comes to Instagram, we've seen everything. From an abundance of chai seed puddings to countless colourful smoothies, but now there's a new trend we're particularly keen on. It's not as pretty as your average food post, but it's fast becoming the new way to get meal inspiration-plus if you're a little obsessive-compulsive, you're going to love this.

#FridgeShelfies are essentially a picture of an open fridge (preferably a clean, neatly organised one) showcasing whatever is stored inside. But what we're taking from it is so much more-think of the inspiration for recipes and meal-prep ideas you could get from seeing inside the fridges of Instagram. Keep scrolling to see a selection of our favorite fridge shelfies.

Given that fridge shelfies are a bit of a thing, we decided to ask a few of our favourite fitness influencers to show us inside their fridges and share their tips on how to keep your fridge in check.

Twice The Health

Twice The HealthВ is made up of nutritionist Emily and personal trainer Hannah. These best friends are constantly on the go-from running marathons to taking on the Grand Canyon, so there was no no doubt their fridgeВ would be stocked full of goodies. Here's what they told us.В

"We always have salmon in our fridge, not just because it's both versatile and delicious but it also counts as one of two oily fish portions recommended to consume per week. It's a great source of omega-3, vitamin D, selenium and protein."

"We also always have a jar of soaking oats ready to go. Whether it's a dashing-out-the-door breakfast or a last-minute pre-workout snack, oats are always good to have. We tailor our toppings to our activity, so if we're heading to a workout, we add sliced banana and a squeeze of honey. Or if it's our post-workout snack, we may add a scoop of protein. There's no snack situation overnight oats can't solve!"

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Nike run coach and personal trainer Rebecca Gentry needs good nutrition to fuel her incredibly active lifestyle. But what exactly does a run coach keep in their fridge? Let's find out…

"I always have apple cider vinegar in my fridge. It's high in probiotics and other healing compounds, so perfect for salad dressings. And lemons for a winter warmer. I juice two lemons with ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper and warm water then stir in honey. I make it all the time to ward off germs."

"My husband and I have a favourite Madeline Shaw chicken thigh recipe with fennel and orange slices, so I always have organic meat and greens handy. Plus some chocolate for those treat moments."В

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Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna Van Dijk's, personal trainer, fitness blogger and author of Strong, Instagram feed is full of recipe ideas, so naturally, we had to ask what she always has handy in her fridge. "I share my fridge with my non-vegan boyfriend, so our shelves are a bit of a mishmash," she tells us. "We always have them stocked full of fruit, veg and sources of protein, though."

"My main tips for keeping your fridge in check is to always have something like hummus and pita available," she continues. "It's a complete protein and it makes a great snack. I always keep freshly ground coffee in my fridge-it keeps it super fresh and gives the best taste. My biggest tip is to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables loose to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging; it's not beneficial for you or the planet."

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Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell

If there's one person we knew would have a well-stocked, colourful fridge, it's Roz Purcell, best-selling cookery author and founder of the website Natural Born Feeder. "I'm going to be honest and just say it," she begins. "Most of the action happens in my freezer. At the end of the week, I take fruit from my fridge and fill up zip lock bags to make smoothie bags to pop in the freezer.

"I even blitz up leftover avocado halves with a squeeze of lemon in my NutriBullet, then spoon out the puree into an ice cube tray-it helps to create those perfect creamy smoothies and I don't waste a good avocado! I always have some raw protein balls made up in my fridge too; they're the perfect post-workout snack and so easy to grab on the go."

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