The Kardashians' Stylist Shares the Secret to Perfect Beach Waves

The Kardashians' Stylist Shares the Secret to Perfect Beach Waves

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The Kardashian-Jenners have quite the expansive glam squad. Despite the fact that they're all fabulous in their own way, there's a common denominator for most of their hairstylists and makeup artists: their humble beginnings. Hrush Achemyan used to do local bridal makeup, Ariel Tejada was randomly discovered by Kylie through Instagram, and Scotty Cunha, one of the sisters' hairstylists, used to work at Starbucks before landing a gig at Jonathan Antin's salon in Beverly Hills. You could call the sisters fairy godmothers of sorts, but we know it's the sheer talent of their team that landed them these roles in the first place.

We recently had the pleasure of having Cunha in our L.A. studio to find out which five products he couldn't imagine not having in his beauty kit. Among some key wave-makers for summer is, of course, a Kardashian Beauty comb that creates the "perfect" part, no matter your hair type. Watch him talk about why he loves these staple products below.

Diptyque Diptyque Mini Candle Set $130Shop

First up is a waxier version of Oribe's cult-loved Dry Texturizing Spray. Like the latter, it still offers major lift and volume, but with the added benefit of bringing moisture to the strands so no additional creams or oils are needed.

Ouai Wave Spray $26Shop

Not just a source of encouragement for waves, this spray also provides volume at the root and throughout ends, all while imparting a glossy shine-no salty matte texture left behind.В

Kardashian Beauty Back Comb $31Shop

Cunha says he owns hundreds of these combs so he'll never run out after inevitably losing them on set. They're perfect forВ getting your style just right, whether it's a sharp part, perfectly laid bangs, or an even teaseВ for more height at the root.В

Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron $175Shop

Even if you can't wield a professional Marcel curling iron (one with the longВ manual clamp instead of one that's spring-loaded toВ holdВ curls and waves in place,В such as the tool above), you can stillВ maneuver this wand. The marcel is detachable, leaving behind a professional-grade wand that evenly heats up in a record 50 seconds.

Oribe Air Style Flexible Texture $42Shop

Cunha says this styling agent is so velvety he'd practically wear it as a lotion. He rakes it through hairВ to create the coveted wet look we've seen on Kim Kardashian West and Margot Robbie, or just a tiny amount to smooth flyaways.

Next up, watch celebrity makeup artist Joey Maalouf share his must-have products.


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