8 Beautiful Black Hairstyle Trends

8 Beautiful Black Hairstyle Trends

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FromВ short hairВ toВ natural hairВ toВ weaves, there are so many stunning black hair trends that work for different types of people.

The truth is, almost everyoneВ can pull off a natural afro, a pixie, or a long, wavy wig. It's about how you rock it. But your face shape does matter. Certain hairstyles may be more flattering on certain face shapes, but it is really subjective.

Personality has a lot to do with how a haircut works for you.В To pull off the very trendyВ pixieВ or anВ edgy pompadour, you needВ to have confidence. But more than anything, you want to be comfortable in your hairstyle. If you're flirty and fun, pick a hairstyle that honors that. If you don't like trends, go for a more classic style like aВ chin-length bob.

You should also consider your lifestyle.В Would you rather have low-maintenance hair, or do you actually love the process of doing your hair every day?

Here are eight of the hottest black hairstyleВ trends to give you some inspiration.

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Natural Hair

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More and more black people are giving up damaging chemical treatments and pricey weaves and extensions in favor of natural hair. Whatever your curl pattern, this look is glorious.

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Braids are not only hip, but they're also a wonderful protective style for natural hair. If your hair is short, you can achieve this look with a weave.

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Weaves have been controversial in the black hair community, but they'reВ as popular as ever. They come in all lengths and styles and are a great way to change your look without having to cut, color, or chemically alter your own hair. TheyВ also protect natural hair.

The best weaves use real human hair, and this can be a pricey habit; a quality weave can set you back between $600 and $1200.В Plus, they can take hours to apply. Considering the average weave lasts about sixВ weeks, that's a lot of visits to the salon to maintain your hairstyle.В

Make sure to be discerning about which stylist you choose. A poorly trained stylist can cause hair loss or a alter yourВ hairline if they make your cornrows too tight or don't sew or glue on the weave properly.В

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Pixie Cut

Left: Michael Buckner/Getty Images; right, Tyra Banks/The Cut Life Instagram

No matter your natural hair texture-whether thick, kinky, curly, wavy, or chemically straightened-a black pixie cut is so striking and chic. It's a good choice for people with delicate facial features and who like to switch things up with weaves or wigs.

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Short Afro

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images; Randy Brooke/Getty Images

The short, picked-out afro is low-maintenance and super stylish.

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Edgy Cut and Color

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No hairstyle attracts more attention than an edgy cut and color on a fierce, confident person. There's no hiding behind a long, wavy weave. This style is all about being bold.

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Chin-Length Bob

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Chin-lengthВ bobs and shags are gorgeous for people who are growing out their hair or want to experiment with shorter hair. You can test out the look with a wig.

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Wigs are legit now that well-made lace wigs are available. Once fitted for your wig, the hair is cut to flatter your face shape and the wig's texture. Et voilГ : instant transformation.

You can have wigs attached to last up to one month, but the ones with combs are easiest to take on and off. You can change up your look as much as you want and a wig won't affect your natural hair at all.

Beautiful Black Hair

Black hair is so versatile. Feel free to play and reinvent your look as often as you like.